Sabb's Own Pastries

Chocolate Cookie $1.50 each
Apricot Cookie $1.50 each
Cream Puff $1.50 each
Chocolate tart $1.50 each
German Chocolate cake $1.99 per piece
Cheese Cake $1.50 per piece
Chocolate Ball $1.50 per piece
Chocolate Cream Pyramid $1.50 per piece
Cream Dogg $1.50 each
Tiramisu $1.50 per piece
Mocha tiramisu $1.50 per piece
Black Forest $1.50 per piece
White Forest $1.50 per piece
Chocolate Swiss Role $1.50 each
Raspberyy Swiss Role $1.50 each
Fruit Tart $1.50 per piece
Eclaire $1.50 each
Chocolate Strawberry Cake $1.50 per piece
Stawberry Shortcake $1.50 per piece
Baklava (sold per lb) $5.99 per pound

These prices reflect the cost of one piece of the above menu. All of our pastries are prepared in our Kitchen with the finest pastry makers. Stop by and have a taste on us. Just mention code: Sabb's Pastries 101. So how is our pastries?

To place an order:

Call (781) 440-0063

Fax to: (781) 440-0073



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