Breakfast Menu

Manakish Zaatar: vegetarian pizza made with roasted sesame seeds, thyme, marjoram, olive oil and onions $1.00 Egg Pie: $3.00
Manakish Zaatar Extra: $1.50 Kanafeh with Cheese: $3.00
Fatayer B'Jibne: feta cheese pastries, deep fried until golden brown $1.25 FALAFEL: chickpea and fava fritters served with garlic and vegetables of your choice. $3.00
Manakish Meat (beef or lamb) $1.25   Manakish Cheese Extra: $2.00
Manakish Vegetavle and feta cheese: $2.00   Soujuk Pie: $2.50
Fatayer B'Sbanigh: triangular pastries filled with spinach, onions, pine nuts & sumac deep fried $0.70   Kishik Pie: $2.50


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